Lenovo to utilise Motorola team further

Lenovo purchased Motorola from Google some time ago and has since now, been allowing the company to run independently with little interference from Lenovo. Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility for $2.9 billion dollars last year . Since then, Motorola has dropped down the list in terms of sales and continues to be a loss making division. The company has decided to reduce staff numbers by over 3000 to stem the flow.

The company has now reached a stage where it will now look to the Motorola Mobility division to take over the company’s smartphone development and manufacturing. This push will been part of the efficiency dividends they were hoping to make and should cut costs in the handset business as well as providing new vigour to the division. If it expects to succeed, the company must release some brilliant handsets.

Lenovo still plans to utilise both Lenovo and Motorola handsets, but streamline the backoffice process.

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Dell to invest in China

Despite a slowing economy in China, Dell has announced that it will invest 250¬†billion dollars into the country over the next five years. China is Dell’s second largest market after the US and is hugely important to the company.

125 of the 250¬†billion dollars being invested will be used to further advance the research and development sector of their end to end solutions. The investment will ensure that Dell supports Chinese innovation, ¬†development and transformation into a modern industry. In real terms, this means that they are looking to support company startups and foster the growth of innovative products. Dell is hoping to cement it’s position of importance within the country.

On top of this investment, Dell will add a further $175 billion dollars to imports and exports. This will be used to facilitate over a million jobs.

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